Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

I am embarrassed to admit it, but long after the trend has passed I have succumb to the monster that is Crocs, and guess what, I love them. I don't love them in the wear to work or out on weekends way, I love them they way I love my Uggs (which for the record, I had well before the masses). I love that after a long run, they are so comfy, and when I need to quick take a dog out, I can just slip them on, or if I encounter the unfortunate dog poo, I can just hose it off no worries. I know with this post I have admitted to the masses, or my small blog audience that I am a huge nerd, but I am telling you, if you try them you will love them! It's all about getting past the initial embarrassment of those hideous things on your feet :) Oh yeah, and they have a new "dressier" croc, I am not sure to be scared or try it....these may or may not pass for semi normal shoes.....I'll keep you posted. Yikes, I think I have just entered into suburban housewife territory.....

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Melisa said...

I love my Crocs and grew a thick skin for all the harassment I got for loving them. I would tell anyone and everyone that would listen to try them because they are they most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I have yet to get anything but the original cayman's but am tempted to try the dressier versions!

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