Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello there

My apologies for being such a bad blogger, so much for a summer of blogging and now that my real job is "in season" things are getting even crazier for me. Anyway, lots to talk about and I promise to try and keep up with my posting.
  1. Firstly one of my favorite young bloggers Jane from Sea of Shoes has designed a line of shoes of Urban Outfitters, I am in love with these boots.
  2. If you are on the market for a end of season swimsuit, Victoria's Secret is having one heck of a sale (you can get an adorable bikini for under $30 and that's including shipping).
  3. The new 2010 Ikea catalog is out, and people always seem to be very passionate about Ikea (both positive and negative). Whether you love or hate Ikea, you can't help but take some design inspiration out of the catalog. Apartment Therapy had a great post on it the other day and you can also view the new catalog online.

Anyway, that wraps it up for now. Will be back soon with more posts, I promise.



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