Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anthropologie Catalog Redesign

The Anthropologie catalog is a foundation in the direct mail world, essentially building a brand with an inspirational, never-disappointing catalog assortment. The Anthro catalog takes readers on a journey to an inspirational world of style, charm and whimsy. The format has been tweaked over the years and grown with the concept as one would expect from such a ever-evolving brand. I was surprised today when I received my March Anthropologie catalog and found the format has completely changed. As a catalog marketer this is a fascinating concept and a fascinating move. Anthro has taken the product descriptions, prices and item numbers off the pages the actual products are displayed on and combined them by vignette (apparel, accessories and home) on group pages at the beginning of each catalog section. Long gone are the days of customers receiving their catalog in the mail, calling customer service or mailing in a form to place their order. Websites were once an offshoot of a booming catalog business and the tables have turned for the majority of retailers. I'm guessing that Anthropologie knows (like most retailers) that the majority of customers shop the digital catalog and click to purchase items directly online but what about the traditional catalog customer, does that customer still exist? I am curious to see if this format will continue in future catalogs. The redesign is definitely more about inspiration less about selling. What do you think?


H said...

I work in marketing for large retailers and they are moving towards look books since nobody really calls in to order from catalogs anymore. I like that it lets the art directors have more fun with the layouts!

Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

Oops, messed up... that comment was from me.

Sarah Smile said...

Haley, thanks for the comment! It makes sense that most retailers are moving towards look books but are you surprised to see there aren't even prices, or item numbers on the product pages?

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